The End of September

torii gate
With less than three months left on his mission, Charlie is starting to feel that mix of emotions so common at this point: ambivalence, excitement, pressure, and disbelief. So much to do, and so little time! But he loves his area, loves his companion, loves his mission–he loves it all. No wonder he feels uncertainty about leaving in a few months. (But we try not to bring that up. Here is how he reacts to that topic:)
I can’t believe it’s the end of September already. I counted the days to the end of my mission today for the first time in my mission. I only have 86 days left, I think. That’s less than 3 months! こわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわいこわい*
*it says in Japanese: “scary, scary, scary…” (and now it’s even less than 86 days. He must be truly frightened by this point.)
The conference up in Kobe was awesome. The craziest part was, I had been either companions with or had been the zone leader or district leader for over half the missionaries who were there as district leaders now. It made me feel… like a really old missionary. But it was way good. I got to see all my old MTC pals – Barr, Weir, and Goldhamer. It was the first time we had reunited all together since we first got to Japan. President Welch always nails training meetings like the stud he is. I also had interviews with him this week as well, which was way fun. He said he plans on keeping me here in Kochi until the end of my mission, which is good, because I love it here!  
15.09.26 taikai
15.09.20 reunion

A reunion for Charlie and Goldhamer Choro (center), his former MTC companion.

image1 (3)

An early morning view of Kobe from the peak where the elders hiked.

Well, we had transfer announcements today and it looks like I’ll get to stay another transfer with the beloved Matsumoto Choro. バプテスマを見ましょう![Let’s see a baptism!] We have a goal to find someone to baptize before the next transfer. We know it’s not just about the numbers, but we always have a goal to find someone whose life we can help change. In any of my companionships, the only ones I’ve seen baptisms with were the ones where we stayed together for more than one transfer, so let’s DO THIS!!! 

15.09.25 car ride

The dynamic duo: Charlie and Matsumoto Choro hitch a ride with members.

Matsumoto Choro and I have got really good unity in teaching going now and we’re starting to see some miracles happen. Just last night, we prepared really hard for our lesson with a progressing investigator named Noguchi. He’s an interesting man, and a very good person, and wants to follow Jesus Christ now. Before, when I first got here, he didn’t even want to believe in God or pray, but now he prays every day. We’ve seen a complete change in this investigator. Last night we boldly invited him to be baptized and he accepted a date for the 31st of October. Then right after that we found a new guy who has a ton of interest and wants to meet and read the Book of Mormon together! And we’re meeting another really solid investigator tonight who we’re planning on inviting to baptism as well.


We had a great district meeting this week and we focused on the power of prayer. It was a great meeting and we all prayed together and got revelation for our investigators in the district. It was probably my best district meeting yet. The power of prayer is real!

nihon lanterns

In each of our letters to Charlie, we try to include a mystery scripture in which we quote the verse but not the reference, and he has to tell us where it’s found. We’ve only stumped him a few times (it’s always when we quote Proverbs or Psalms, or some obscure reference in Leviticus). Then Charlie does the same for us. This is the verse he ended his last letter with:

Here’s mine:

“And now, after the many testimonies which have been given of him, this is the testimony, last of all, which we give of him: That he lives! For we saw him, even on the right hand of God; and we heard the voice bearing record that he is the Only Begotten of the Father.”
I, too, testify that he lives!

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  1. Hi Charlie,Thanks for keeping me informed. I love your blog, and your photos are wonderful.
    It sounds like you are going out in a blaze these last 3 months of your mission. Have a great time. Everyone is very proud of you. I know your family will be thrilled to get you home ~ and I know you have been a wonderful example for Sam. BTW, when I saw his photo the other day, I was astounded. He is so grown up, I barely recognized him.
    Hugs,Carol Brant

    Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2015 20:20:19 +0000

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