A Family Reunion!

15.07.19 takeda kazoku

Top, L-R: Uncle Haruki, Cousin Junko, Aunt Chiyoko (Haruki’s wife), Aunt Tomie. Bottom, L-R: Cousin Kumiko, Great-Grandma Kameno, Charlie, Elder Howe.

We hoped and prayed that this day might come and it finally has! Charlie was able to visit our Takeda family in the town of Shimanto-shi, about an hour from Kochi where he is currently assigned. He and his companion boarded a train last Thursday and traveled south, where he was met at the station by family members, and then they went to visit his great-grandma Takeda. Charlie last saw all of them in 2012, when our family visited Japan. He was a 16-year-old boy then who could only say a few words in Japanese. This is the first time they’ve seen him as a missionary, and what’s more, he is the first Mormon missionary they’ve ever seen. (There is no LDS church in their village, so missionaries don’t make it out there too often.) None of the Takedas–besides Charlie’s grandmother Seiko–are members of our church; they had a lot of questions for him, and he had a lot of answers. They were thrilled to have him come visit and hear him speak Japanese. What an exciting day for everyone!

Well this week was great! I got to go visit the Takedas and everyone is doing great! It was one of the happiest days of my mission. They’re doing really well and they were really excited to see me. I even met someone I hadn’t met before – Haruki and Chiyoko’s daughter Kumiko, who’s been living in other parts of Japan every time we visited so I never got to meet her. She moved back to Kochi recently. Sadly, and ironically, Tsutomu* and his family were all up in Kochi-shi for the day for a baseball game so I missed them! I’ll have to go again. In other news, Yoshihiro* has moved back from Sapporo to Kochi, I don’t know if you knew that. And, another surprise was that Haruki and Chiyoko’s daughter Keiko* had passed away about a year ago from cancer, I don’t know if you all knew or not. But despite that everyone seems to be doing really well, and Obaachan [grandma] is still alive at 102! She is so sweet. Of course, when I got there she had no idea who I was, and I think was also a little surprised to hear that she had great-grandchildren. [She gets a little confused sometimes!] When I talked to her she really seemed to miss Baba [Charlie’s grandma Seiko] and said that she wants to meet her again.

It was the first time any of them had seen a missionary, and they all seemed to be a little confused at why I had to bring along a white guy that they didn’t know and why I could only spend one day and why I couldn’t ride alone in the car with Junko. But it was a really good opportunity to explain what I was doing and why I became a missionary. Next time I visit I’m definitely going to share about eternal families.

*Tsutomu–the son of Uncle Haruki and Aunt Chiyoko

*Yoshihiro–our uncle, brother to Haruki and Seiko

*Keiko–the daughter of Uncle Haruki and Aunt Chiyoko, who was only in her 40s and was married with two teenage daughters.


From our visit in 2012. Uncle Yoshihiro is in orange in the front; cousin Keiko (who recently passed away) is standing on the back row, 2nd from the right, wearing a cap, glasses, and mustard shirt. Her two daughters are just to the left of her. Cousin Tsutomu is on the front, far right, holding his baby boy.

We were heartbroken to hear of the passing of our sweet cousin, Keiko, and wonder why they hadn’t let us know. Perhaps it was too difficult to talk about. But we find comfort in the thought that we were able to see her on our last visit, and that with the restored gospel, we have the blessings and the sealing power of the temple here on earth. We plan on doing the temple work for her very soon. We are sure she is waiting for it!

15.07.15 obaasan

Charlie with his great-grandmother. Doesn’t she look fabulous for 102?! (Aunt Chiyoko is peering over her shoulder.)

15.07.20 nakamura

15.07.21 at the eki

Cousin Junko, Aunt Chiyoko, and Cousin Kumiko wave good-bye from the station.

We can’t help marvelling at the fact that of the seven missions in Japan, Charlie was called to the very one where he had family living. And that his Mission President finally sent him to serve in the very area where they are, after a year and a half. And that none of our Takeda family are members of this faith, nor have ever seen a proselyting Mormon missionary while they’ve been living there. Of course they know that his grandmother Seiko is a member, and of course we’ve told them about the Church when we’ve had the chance, but we have respected their faith and they have respected ours. Yet still we marvel at the Lord’s inspiration, His timing, and the blessings of this gospel, and missionary work, and eternal families. The Lord knows where to send His missionaries!

 To cap off his incredible week, Charlie also had a soul-searching experience that taught him a lot about personal testimony:
This last week I reached a point where I questioned a part of my own testimony, but as a result my testimony was strengthened. We met a lady on the street one night who was Buddhist who gave us a beat down for being Christians for about ten minutes before I just decided to stop listening and walked away. Luckily my companion didn’t understand any of what she said. She said some very demeaning things that no one should ever have to hear. I wondered afterward what could make her have so much conviction that her obviously wrong religion was right. And then I wondered to myself, how can I say that she’s wrong if I have never really learned about what her beliefs are? In addition to the outward criticism, she did add a ‘testimony’ of the experience she had of changing her heart through Hotokesama [Buddha]. How can I say that she didn’t? If I were to criticize her for having that experience, it would just make me a hypocrite for sharing my experiences with the Atonement. I never questioned the fact that I had experienced the Holy Ghost or the power of the Atonement, but I did wonder how she could have experienced the same thing we are striving for without either the Holy Ghost or the Atonement. I prayed and studied the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I felt prompted to visit a certain place in Isaiah which gave me comfort and strengthened my testimony that the Holy Ghost can speak through the scriptures. And the answer to my questions came clear as day when I turned and testified to my companion at a needed time this week. There are a lot of ways people change themselves, for bad and for good in this world. But no matter what else is out there, the only thing that can cleanse us from sin and qualify us for the Kingdom of Heaven is the power of the Atonement accessed through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No other person, object, or power can do that. I know that to be true from the bottom of my heart. In addition to sharing our testimony about what we know to be true, we have to be courteous of others and be careful not to condemn others when we testify and teach about the gospel. The way of Christ was always forigiveness – not condemnation or criticism.
15.07.16 shikoku

A view of a village in Shikoku.

rice paddy

The rice paddies that frequently dot the landscape of Shikoku.

15.07.14 kids

Charlie with children from troubled homes that he serves and plays with each week.


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  1. Such a wonderful post! I’m so happy for Charlie AND your family to get to see him, as a servant of the Lord. Like you said, the Lord surely knows the ins and outs of our lives and how we connect with one another. A miracle I wonder if I’ll ever understand!

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