Life moves pretty fast


We love when Charlie sends us photos. This week he sent us a plethora of random images. So let’s start off with those, shall we?

05.14.21 Righteous Slice!

The classic locker room shot.

05.14.29 milk tower

The tower of milk cartons they’ve been collecting. You gotta make your fun somehow.

05.14.28 fried tako

An Osaka specialty: fried octopus.


05.14.35 well come!

They either meant “welcome”, or “come on in, don’t dilly dally now.” Guess it works either way.

05.14.36 sakon

“Let’s enjoy oneself over the Viking SAKON together.” Yes, let’s!

05.14.33 LDS!

We never knew that LDS also stood for this. Hmm…

05.14.27 Mexican food

A Mexican restaurant. Let’s hope they serve enchiradas!


Okay, Charlie didn’t snap this one (I found it online). But it’s of the countryside near Osaka, so technically he could have taken it.


Moving on to bigger and better things. It was a typical week for a missionary in Japan: a few cancelled appointments, a potential “golden” investigator, and a lot of knocking on doors. And here is a picture from a recent zone conference–what a choice group of young men and women! They look so sharp. See if you can find Charlie somewhere in this crowd (click on it to enlarge).

zone conference

Charlie also had the privilege of listening to a member of the Quorum of the Twelve (a leader in the church) come speak to them.

The highlight was on Saturday. Elder Christofferson came to the Japan Kobe Mission. We had the entire mission gathered in Osaka and he along with a few area seventies* spoke. It was awesome! He talked a lot about relying on the Lord, and that he foresees plenty of growth and new temples here in the mission in the future.

*seventies–leaders of the church who preside over specific areas of the world

On Sunday we had to leave to Hashimoto for a baptismal interview. Three kids ages 8, 12, and 14 are getting baptized. Their mother was a less-active for a long time and due to the good work of the sisters she’s back, and three more sheep are becoming part of the fold. It’s awesome, seeing people’s lives change. That’s the best part of being a missionary. We get to see people all the time being changed by Jesus Christ. By so doing, we also become changed by Jesus Christ. He lives. If he didn’t, people’s lives wouldn’t be blessed by the gospel we share every day. If he didn’t, then missionaries could never be so happy doing something so hard. I came to a place to share a deep message in a language I don’t know. That’s pretty impossible for any human being to do. Yet somehow it’s happening, somehow I can talk to people, and somehow in just five and a half months I can speak a language so drastically different from English well enough to teach people about the gospel. Is this not a miracle from God?

Missionary work is an amazing thing. Keep up the good work, Charlie Choro! He keeps talking about how fast his mission is going. (It is?!?) In fact, here is a direct quote:

Life sure does move crazy fast. The mission sure moves by crazy fast! My third transfer is already half over. I’ve gotta get going on all my goals. I’ve got a lot of change ahead of me. I guess that will just come with time.

So it brought to mind this picture taken in Japan two summers ago. We were at a train station in Okayama catching a bullet train to Kyoto, and the kids posed as if they were racing the train. (Guess which one of my children really gets into his poses?) Wow–was this really two years ago? I guess life does move pretty fast. . .

beat the bullet





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  1. How awesome (the quote by Elder Christofferson), “plenty of growth and new Temples!”
    Someone once told me LDS stands for Lucifer, Devil and Satan. How sad that something so good can be seen that way:(

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