Life in the big city

A 1,000+ unit apartment complex in Osaka. That's a lot of doors to knock!

A 1,000+ unit apartment complex in Osaka. That’s a lot of doors to knock!

Charlie is adjusting to life in the big city of Osaka, dealing with monotonous issues such as dirty rain (never leave your shirts out to dry), lots of concrete (see photo above), interesting Japanese architecture (see photo below), and of course, finding people to teach. He is also learning to decipher what the old men are saying! And leaving his tresses in the hands of Japanese barbers–no task for the fainthearted.

It finally rained here! The rain is really gross here. It leaves massive dirt spots on everything! Word to the wise – don’t leave your white shirts out in the rain. Of course, that was the day we decided to go streeting for three hours too. But we had a cool experience this week. Marquez Choro and I have been working hard to try to find new investigators. We biked all over the place trying to find new people to teach like Eikaiwa [English] students and former investigators and old area book contacts. We were finding no one. Then on Saturday night we got a phone call from someone we didn’t know who wanted help with her English. She was applying for a job in the States and said she was having trouble with her application. We said we’d love to help, just meet us at the church tomorrow at 9:30! (Wink wink) She did, and she and her mother came to church! They really enjoyed it. The members instantly welcomed them. Our members are the best fellowshippers I have ever seen. Afterwards we stayed at the church and helped her with her application for 2 and a half hours. On Fast Sunday*, too. By the time we got home we hadn’t eaten for over 26 hours. But it was worth it, because we are teaching her and her mom on Saturday! The Lord provides when we are faithful. In this case he let us go on all week and see nothing out of our own efforts, but then practically handed us a new investigator the day our numbers were due to the district leader. Honto ni! [Really!] The man up there loves to play with us sometimes.

*Fast Sunday–the first Sunday of the month when members of the church abstain from two meals and then donate the cost of those meals to feeding the needy.

The PL Tower in Osaka, or as Charlie calls it, the "upside down ice cream cone"

The PL Tower in Osaka, or as Charlie calls it, the “upside down ice cream cone”

"I'm not so sure about this barber..."

“I’m not so sure about this barber…”


About eldercharliebahr

Charlie is from Oro Valley, Arizona. He loves volleyball, sushi, piano playing, and rocket building. When he was little, he wanted to grow up to be Superman. For now he will use his superpowers among the people of Japan, as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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