And…he’s off!


Today Charlie is on his way to Japan! He left the MTC at 2:30 in the morning, flew from Salt Lake City to San Francisco, and from there will fly to Osaka, Japan. Soon he’ll be pounding the streets of Kobe, Book of Mormon in hand, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and attempting to speak what he thought was Japanese he was learning in the MTC! (What a surprise he’s in for.) But he’s going to be great. The people of Japan are lucky to have him. The next time we hear from him, he will be in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are a few of his parting thoughts after spending nine weeks in training:

Well, my MTC experience has overall been great. I’ve learned and grown so much. From all the varieties of people here, I’ve seen great things, hard things, and miracles happen. And this is only the beginning of the beginning! I’m finally about to go to Japan and spend 22 more months there. I can’t wait to get on that plane in about 9 and a half hours to San Francisco and then hear all of your voices again. Then its off to the Kansai International Airport in Osaka. Then a few days in the mission home, then off to my first area. The most important thing I’ve learned from the MTC is to love all of God’s children. Before the mission, I could choose my friends. But here, it can be tough to deal with people who are very different from you. I’ve tried to take John 15:13 to heart. I don’t think I’ll ever have to die for any of these people, but the way to show love is to sacrifice for them things like your talents and your time. My purpose as a missionary is to bring others closer to Christ, whether it be investigators, inactive members, or even other missionaries, it is all the same.

Bahr Choro at the temple

Bahr Choro at the temple

Charlie, Bryce & LangstonStanding before the map of the world pointing to their destinations are Charlie (Kobe, Japan) and two friends from back home in Tucson, Bryce Corning (Calgary, Canada) and Langston Harris (Independence, MO).

We're going to Japan!

We’re going to Japan!

With Clark Kyodai the punster

With Clark Kyodai the punster

flag duty at the MTC

flag duty at the MTC

Build your foundation upon the rock!

Build your foundation upon the rock!


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