The temple, the Book of Mormon, and getting out-punned


You should know something about Charlie: he likes to create puns. Some of them are witty, some are corny, but all of them are punny. (You see what I did there?) If he finds out someone else is a punster, his new mission (I did it again) will be to out-pun them. And apparently his teacher at the MTC might just have matched wits with him this week. Read all about it–and a few other stories–in this week’s letter home:

On Monday, the Provo Temple finally opened again so this morning we got to do an endowment session, which is always wonderful. I did the work for someone named Juan today. That’s all that was on the card – just Juan. I don’t know who he was, where he was from, or what kind of life he led, but I could feel his presence in the temple and could feel that he was grateful to have the blessing of the endowment.

Ready for a funny story? a little while ago in one of our lessons we were trying to explain the importance of the Plan of Salvation to our actor investigator. We opened up the Book of Mormon and asked him to read a scripture from it. Much to our dismay, he asked us what the book was. We told him it was the Book of Mormon. He then asked us if it was the Bible. (We were not prepared to answer that question in Nihongo*!) My companions both sat there and looked at me expectantly. These are the words that popped out of my mouth: “Seisho…(I held up my left hand) Morumon Sho…(I held up my right hand)…Tomodachi.” I clasped my hands together. Translated, I said “Bible…Book of Mormon…friends.” All our investigator could say was “Wakaranai” (I don’t understand). At this point Elder Goldhamer subtly whacked me. Needless to say, after that lesson I was very motivated to study how to explain the relationship between the Bible and the Book of Mormon.
This week, I met my maker. My pun maker, that is. My teacher Clark Kyodai* was one of the few who have outpunned me. All day during class, we were punning back and forth. While he was telling a story about an old woman he met in Japan on his mission who was complaining about her eyesight, I said “You should have taught her about the first vision!” I thought that would crown me punner for the day. But, to my dismay, he said, “Yes I should have!” He then began as if he was teaching the lesson: “In 1820/20…” the class bust out laughing. I was outpunned that day, but no more!
One month down, one more to go! And then, it’s on to Japan. Hopefully he figures out how to explain the whole Bible/Book of Mormon thing in Japanese before he gets there.
The threesome: Elder Bahr, Elder Weir, & Elder Goldhamer

The threesome: Elder Bahr, Elder Weir, & Elder Goldhamer

With Elder Weir, his MTC companion from Kentucky.

With Elder Weir, his MTC companion from Kentucky.

The district on p-day at the temple.

The district on p-day at the temple.

Striking a GQ pose in front of the Provo Temple.

Striking a GQ pose in front of the Provo Temple.

Someone's excited for curly fries.

Someone’s excited for curly fries.








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  1. I loved the MTC, the sensei’s were awesome, the food was awesome and Tuesday nights knocked my socks off everytime. Love hearing how my nephew is doing

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