Charlie’s first week at the MTC


Three days into his mission and we received our first letter home! Hooray for that, as mom was going crazy wondering how he was adapting! But Charlie loves the MTC and his companions. Here is an excerpt:

I am loving it here at the MTC! My companions are already like two brothers to me. Goldhamer Choro* is a great writer and actor, and Weir Choro is half Japanese. I thought that I would have a bit of a headstart on the Japanese upon entering the MTC, but not compared to my companions! Goldhamer Choro took it for four years in high School, and Weir Choro grew up speaking it and lived for four years in Japan. They’ve both helped me tremendously in many ways. My district is great. Believe it or not, another elder in my district is named Elder Barr, from Australia. His middle name happens to be Charles, and he is going to Kobe as well. He likes golf and is also interested in going into the field of aviation. What a coincidence! I love my teacher, Clark Kyodai*. He will only speak Japanese to us, and because of it I’ve learned so much more of the language and about my purpose as a missionary. All of us now can pray in Japanese and bear a simple testimony- after only a few days! Last night we even taught our first lesson to an investigator actor in Japanese. Weir Choro did most of the talking, but I found that I was understanding most of what he said. There’s no doubt that the Lord helps his missionaries.

*choro–elder      *kyodai–brother


A picture on his first night in the MTC with the other elders going to Japan. Charlie’s two companions are directly left of him in the photo.

They look cold but happy–the spirit of the Lord is the best radiator of heat!


About eldercharliebahr

Charlie is from Oro Valley, Arizona. He loves volleyball, sushi, piano playing, and rocket building. When he was little, he wanted to grow up to be Superman. For now he will use his superpowers among the people of Japan, as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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